The popular UK milk drink FRijj has recently launched an ad campaign pairing their sponsorship of a film festival with user created content. The B-Movie themed microsite calls on viewers to film their own masterpiece utilizing the brand. While the festival includes classics like Jaws and Scarface, the user videos are encouraged to pursue a lower standard of film with the clips on the site parodying not-so-classic movies like The Blob. From The Digital Mainstream:

By encouraging users to participate in a movie-making competition based around the drink, Frijj have created a genuine brand experience – something that is rare for an FMCG – that both involves the target audience and retains some inherent value. Furthermore, by launching a film festival, based around series of free screenings of classic movies in selected cinemas across the UK, to run in tandem with the competition, Frijj are providing a tangible reward for engaging with their product.

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