User-generated review site Yelp is getting a bit of negative feedback of its own, as of late. According to CBS News, some business owners who have received less-than-glowing yelps on the 10 million-user strong site are unhappy about the company’s faux-open platform. Some point to their “Sponsorship Program,” a way for poorly-reviewed businesses to improve their presence on the site, as an example of Yelp’s unfair treatment of shop owners who can’t fork up the extra money to keep their Yelp profiles positive. According to one business owner, Selena Kellinger of Razzberry Lips (a makeover party planning company), the site responded to her dismay over her company’s negative reviews by asking her join the Sponsorship Program and open a business account – which, for $350 a month, means she has the option of placing a ‘favorite review’ at the top of the profile as well as add a photo slideshow and sponsored message. Mary Seaton, another disgruntled shop owner, reported:

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