Vice magazine reports that this past weekend, a renegade party happened on the Williamsburg Bridge. Ninjasonik and Japanther performed for 100 plus people on one of the bridge's bike lanes. The illegal event went on for a surprising 2 hours before police showed up. Vice reporters on the scene thought it couldn't possibly go on for more than 20 minutes – amplified music and a hundred people crowded onto the side of a bridge isn't exactly discreet.

Impromptu parties are happening with increasing frequency these days. From the Silent rave and Pandemonium party in New York, to the Boombox parties in Berlin, unsanctioned DIY events are using flash mob techniques to create instant nightlife. Illegal parties like this were last popular in the early 90's, at the beginning of the rave (or free party) scene. Maybe the resurgence of these events comes from a desire to reclaim commercialized public spaces, or as a response to overpriced, boring clubs and concerts?

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