Life In Perpetual Beta

Life In Perpetual Beta
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Dan Gould
  • 7 august 2008

Life coach Melissa Pierce is making a documentary called Life In Perpetual Beta about “listening to your authentic self, unleashing your creativity, and living in the moment, every moment”. She explores ideas of creativity, life purpose and living by listening to what your heart is telling you to do. By making decisions and taking paths in life based on what inspires you, as opposed to a rigid plan, she theorizes that life will be better. In a nutshell: living life in perpetual beta, keep flexible.

Pierce shares clips from her documentary interviews on her blog, along with running production notes she gives on camera, so you can follow along with the process. It’s well worth a look, the film’s subjects share a wealth of practical knowledge on business, life and creativity.

Life In Perpetual Beta

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