lifeviNe: Automatic, Geo-tagged Lifetracking

lifeviNe: Automatic, Geo-tagged Lifetracking
Christine Huang
  • 27 august 2008

LifeviNe, which will be making its beta debut in the next few weeks via Nokia’s Beta Labs, is a mobile lifetracking application that lets users geotag every step they make – and the photos, music, and audio clips that go along with the journey. Similar to their Sports Tracker app, LifeviNe offers users a way to map, timestamp, share and tag their day-to-day activities on their phones and the web. As explained in Nokia Conversations:

As well as tagging all your media’s locations the app will track where you’ve been (so you need to be careful when you have it switched on!), and plot your journey on the web based map when you sync it at the end of the day. Uploading is a cinch too, as lifeviNe can be set to automatically upload whenever you’re in a trusted wireless zone.

Online you can look at and share your journeys, filtering by user, place or time. There’s also an online widget which you can place on your blog or Facebook page, allowing others to see what you’ve been up to.

We don’t think lifeviNe is the sort of thing most people would use everyday, but it could be a useful tool for people who like to keep track of and share what they’ve done and seen (perhaps traveling) but don’t want to stop to write it down.

And no, we don’t get the capital “N” either.

Nokia Conversations: Keeping Track of Life

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