Playing Dress Up, and Blogging About It Too

Playing Dress Up, and Blogging About It Too
Orli Sharaby
  • 20 august 2008

The day we discovered Style Rookie we spent an hour reading post after post after post, equal parts intrigued, confused and enthralled about what we were seeing. At 12 years old, Tavi the Style Rookie posts Vogue-quality photo essays of herself dressed in preternaturally avant garde outfits, references YSL bowl cuts and says things like “Forget those pretentious earbuds that come with your iPod touch, colorful inconvenience is wear it’s at.”

But apparently, Tavi is not alone. The New York Times has published a round up of similarly ambitious (or bored) teens and preteens who are using blogs to express their style dreams in ways never possible before. From Style Rookie to Childhood Flames to Fashion Robot, The Times describes these mini bloggers has having fashion sense “so incredible, it’s actually intimidating.” And they’re right!

Inspired by the NY Times piece, Mike Arauz has also pulled together his own roundup, adding on to the NYT list with a few more interesting picks.

T Magazine: Post Adolescent

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