At PSFK Conference SF, Ezra Cooperstein (Current TV) and Andrew Hoppin (NASA) discussed how collaborating with consumers and navigating bureaucratic systems have helped them become more agile. Some highlights:

– NASA is experiencing a crisis, poor retention, poor awareness, bad follow through – Needs to change

Held events for public collaboration Had a NASA rave (Yuir’s Night) Rented a house and made it open for all held BarCamp type events Super Happy Dead House, invited hackers to write space related software Twitter, SecondLife Getting NASA scientists to interact with entrepreneurs (SecondLife to get around red tape) NASA CoLab program, learning from external technophillic communities Taking the program national, asked to duplicate program to other government org’s (EPA) Biggest Challenge – Needed to get internal buy-in that there was a problem – the most successful way was getting outside tought leaders to come in and talk about their experiences with other organizations Create a community for NASA Making people feel a part of the NASA experience, not just, conversation not push We’re very good at pushing our message out there, but we’re not very good at listening When we open up we feel the impact from the public who cares about what we’re doing We have the right to know what NASA (any government organization) is doing, from the biggest to the most minute details

– Current TV started by Al Gore and business partner as an opportunity to democratize television

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