Gyms have become a less than exciting everyday commodity. The feeling of most modern gyms is like a sterile chain store, or an office where you do your workout. Little TVs shout at you to watch them, music is blaring, flourescent lights buzz overhead. No wonder it can be such a challenge to drag yourself to exercise.

Thankfully, architect Mitchell Joachim and Douglas Joachim, a personal trainer, have dreamed up the River Gym concept as a way to challenge this sorry state of affairs.

The idea is to have the gyms on boats that will travel up and down New York City’s Hudson and East rivers. Kinetic energy from the motions of the exercise equipment will be captured and used to power the boats. Docks along the river will contain amenities like locker rooms, and allow commuters to hitch a ride with the mobile gym. This concept is a winner. Moving about while working out, and being able to watch the changing landscape is an inspiring way to get in shape.

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