Thoughts On Dell’s Digital Nomads Campaign

Matthias Weber
  • 14 august 2008

Bedouin Workers, Digital Bohemians and Digital Nomads are all terms more or less widely used to describe the same phenomenon. People all over the world tend to work less in a fixed-contract and fixed-workspace environment. Instead, they explore new ways, networks and spaces to work in. How we work, especially in the creative sector, has changed radically within a few decades.

People are either forced or rather choose to go into less constricted work relationships. The manifestations for this are e.g. the emerge of the Third Place, a space that is separate from the two usual social environments of home and the workplace. We have seen a lot of buzz surrounding this ongoing change of our work habits: books and conferences, initiatives and services to support this workstyle.

PSFK Germany took a closer look at a site recently launched by Dell- Digital Nomads. Digital Nomads picks up the theme (or trend as you will) of said changes in working behavior. The site features ‘Nomad Stories’ where according to the company’s press-release “Community members can come together to read about other digital nomads and share ideas, tips, tricks and best practices.”. The site also aims to create the “world’s first ever Crowd Sourced white paper” on the topic of Mobile Workers.

A look at the Media Gallery section reveals that the site is a promotion for new Dell laptops. But that’s ok, as we are talking about a marketing procedure and Digital Nomads for sure is a great theme to sell your product- a new Laptop Computer.

However the theme of Digital Nomads appears to be much bigger to us. Solely building a community around Tips and Tricks for the Nomad Worker with a nomad story here and there, along with some corresponding urban and on the road wallpapers seems to fall short of the topics’ richness.

Don’t get us wrong on this- we’re not trying to be all anti about the site and we hope that by-and-by they will aggregate some great content. But wouldn’t it be nice to see a corporate funded site for Nomad Workers that actually helps them connect, find a space or a co-worker to sit with instead of just pouring a couple of blog posts around the topic? Hopefully in the end the white paper will lead to a follow-up project that tackles some of the Nomad Workers’ challenges.

Digital Nomads Site

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