Denver’s Pop-Up Present Day Artifact Museum

Denver’s Pop-Up Present Day Artifact Museum
Arts & Culture
Dan Gould
  • 9 september 2008

Residents of Denver Colorado are a lucky bunch (besides all that snow). A pop-up gallery and community sharing project, the Denver Community Museum is scheduled to open for a one year run, next month. It’s an interesting concept that acts as a real time, physical repository of what’s on the community’s mind.

A month before a new show is to open, a community challenge is announced. The first challenge is to create a “missing map” of anywhere or anything you’d like, real or imaginary. Anyone, young or old can submit work to the shows. None of the work is judged, or for sale either. Indeed, a great way for neighbors to get together to share thoughts without worrying about selling or competition.

[via The Denver Egoist]


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