Doing Anonymous Public Good is the New Street Art

Doing Anonymous Public Good is the New Street Art
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Dan Gould
  • 24 september 2008

Standing and waiting for a subway to come is an experience many of us can relate to. Not having a place to sit and rest in such urban areas is all to common of an experience. The Take A Seat project is a guerrilla initiative that remedy’s this lack of seating by rescuing old chairs and placing them on subway platforms for tired travelers. Such a cool and commendable thing to do. What else could be spontaneously done to improve city life on such a simple level?

From the TAS website:

Take a Seat is an ongoing series of public furniture installations aimed at increasing the availability of seating options in New York City subway stations. Perfectly functional chairs are rescued from trash piles and reassigned to stations where limited seating options leave subway patrons no choice but to stand for extended periods of time.

Take a Seat creates value simply by relocating an object to a new location. Rescued chairs – once liabilities – become assets with little to no effort.

Seating solutions installed for Take a Seat are not affixed to MTA property in any way, opening up opportunities for collaboration with subway patrons who, if they take the initiative, may continue the project by installing the chairs in other locations that could benefit from more seating options.

[via Wooster Collective]

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