FAVRD: Entertainment for the Twitter Attention Span

FAVRD: Entertainment for the Twitter Attention Span
Dan Gould
  • 18 september 2008

FAVRD is a website that automatically aggregates Twitter posts based on the amount of times it’s been marked a favorite. Hilarity definitely ensues. The posts tend to be very funny, insightful and just plain entertaining.  The site bills itself as “trickle-down egonomics for the Twitter attention span”, and that description is spot-on. Cool way to frame and capture such fleeting content. Some profiles are already being watched, and you can also offer your Twitter for review.

Interesting note from the FAVRD faq, about what they will not post:

If you see Twitter as a venue for public relations or marketing, or as an audience eager to hear news of a post on your ‘blog’, or a rich hot sticky vertical, or if you consider yourself a web strategist, or if you talk earnestly about social media, or if you can read Techcrunch or listen to the Gillmor gang with a straight face, it’s very unlikely the things you say on Twitter will show up here.



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