MeeID (not to be confused with MEID) is a new web application meant to manage your online identity in a neat package.  Amongst the dozens of “people search engines,” “lifestreaming” and “social networking” sites, MeeID hopes to keep its head above the water through simplicity.  The MeeID format is straightforward enough: just upload a picture and enter up to ten lines that describe yourself.  Ideally these short lines are links to your other internet identities or provide further insight into who you are, but that isn’t required.  One nice feature of MeeID is the ability to save your top 10 favorite MeeIDs and the fact that the site is free, though supported by some minimalist advertising.  It’s unclear so far if this tool will be utilized by people who aren’t prolific internet identity-makers (read: self-promoters), but the time has certainly come for a single site to stand out as the definitive source for internet business cards.

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