Oyster Card May Soon Utilize Near Field Communications

Oyster Card May Soon Utilize Near Field Communications
Nicko Margolies
  • 5 september 2008

Tired of having your wallet crammed with dozens of old cards?  Thanks to the success of a recent study of consumer use, we all may soon be seeing more implementation of NFC (Near Field Communication) in our daily lives.  NFCs enable a wireless transfer of information to a nearby enabled hub from personal devices like cell phones.  The range is around 4 inches and is ideal for mobile ticketing.

Transport for London started trying this technology last year and after a lengthy study it looks like this technology may be heading into the mainstream.  According to the six month O2 sponsored study, 67% of users said that they found it more convenient to use than a standard Oyster card and 87% said that availability of the service would be likely to influence their purchase of a new mobile phone.  As long as the system proves secure, it will be a no-brainer to lighten the load of our wallets.

[via Londonist]
[image via Flickr: nicohogg]

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