PSFK Conference Asia Speaker Jerry Clode

PSFK Conference Asia Speaker Jerry Clode
Claudia Cukrov
  • 9 september 2008

We’re excited to have Jerry Clode, Project Director for Flamingo International APAC, joining us in Singapore at PSFK Conference Asia to discuss “China’s Youth & Their New Identity”.  We asked him to share a little bit about himself with us.

First, who are you and what do you do?

I’m a Project Director at Flamingo International APAC, where I lead the agency’s China work. Before entering the world of branding, I plied my trade as an academic specialist focused on Asian youth and popular culture.

Since studying at university in a little known area of Southern China in 1996, I spent over a decade engaged with the Mainland, most recently as a youth specialist and moderator based in Shanghai.

My current research and writing focuses on new forms of youth expression in China. I have recently completed work on the emergence of “photoshop” culture amongst online youth in Shanghai. I also discuss emergent trends in Chinese consumer culture in my regular articles for Ad Age China.

You’ll be speaking about “China’s Youth and Their New Identity” with your colleague Floydd Wood, Senior Research Executive at Flamingo International APAC. In one paragraph, can you give an idea of what the PSFK audience will learn from the discussion?

Our inspiration [came from] observing the increasing popularity of retro themes amongst youth consumers in China. Our talk looks at this intriguing cultural trend and the societal context that informs it. We explore how retro is takes on locally specific meanings for Chinese youth as they look to piece together meaning and identity in a rapidly changing society. We suggest that an understanding of youth retro provides a revealing insight into the realities of young Chinese.

Five sites that provide you with inspiration? (All things topical in the PRC) (Innovative work from Asian Artists) (House music and inspiration are one in the same for me, great mixes from Tim Sweeney and guests) (Presenting the beauty and diversity of the region through great photo journalism)

Thanks, Jerry!

Flamingo International APAC

Hear more from Jerry and Floydd at PSFK Conference Asia – get your tickets now!

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