PSFK Talks to Joel Horowitz of People’s Popsicle

PSFK Talks to Joel Horowitz of People’s Popsicle
Christine Huang
  • 4 september 2008

We were excited to learn of People’s Popsicle, a new company out of Brooklyn specializing in good-for-you (and delicious) frozen treats. We were even more excited to find that PSFK friend and contributor Joel Horowitz was one of the creators behind the health and taste-conscious company. We took some time to talk to Joel about his popsicles and the inspiration behind them.

First, What is People’s Popsicle? What makes you guys unique?

The concept for people’s popsicle is simple – we buy fresh, locally-grown fruits and herbs from several New York City Greenmarket’s & transform them into ice-cold popsicles and shave-ice. Our flavors range from the simple, like strawberries & cream to a tad more complex like rhubarb or watermelon, cucumber & hyssop. And because we rely heavily on our local farmers, our menu changes quite often due Greenmarket stock and availability.

What was the inspiration behind People’s Popsicle? How did you get started?

Our friend, Robert Lavalva, the founder of New York City’s New Amsterdam Market, invited us to participate in his one-day foodie-oriented fair earlier this summer. We immediately said yes, knowing full well we’d no idea what we’d sell but thankfully came up with a cool solution. Then having something to do with sweating at the Greenmarket on a hot spring afternoon, our ring-leader Nathalie Jordi came up with the concept for locally-sourced, super-fresh, tree-ripened fruit ice-pops. We loved the idea & stuck with it.

Where can people find your treats?

Right now, we’re at New York City’s newest market, The Brooklyn Flea, two Sundays a month. We’ve also been accepting invitations to cater small events like Aveda’s eco-conscious Fashion-Week “Kick The Cap” party. We’d love to stick around, but the season is definitely winding down… so we’ll absolutely be at the Brooklyn Flea this coming Sunday the 7th and hopefully once more if the weather holds.

Any plans on extending your offerings/expanding your business?

Expansion seemed to be in the cards after nearly being assaulted by cooler-clad customers stocking up with pops. And while we’ve only just started up this summer, we’re planning on expanding into several more markets next season – but very carefully as the three of us adjust our work schedules accordingly. (No, we don’t do this full-time!) Besides, we stand firmly behind our credo – we’re for the people!

What are some other people/companies/brands that share your ethos? (recommendations for our readers of other good things to try!)

The first organization we thought of that truly shares our ethos is the Greenmarket of New York City. It’s that network that has really allowed a city as large as New York to experience the freshest, most sustainable produce possible & weirdo’s like us to make something delicious for New Yorkers. We’re also huge fans of the farm/restaurant, Blue Hill at Stone Barn, Saxelby Cheesemongers of Manhattan, plus our friends over at the Balleymaloe Cookery School in Ireland.

Thanks, Joel!

People’s Popsicle

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