We were excited to learn of People's Popsicle, a new company out of Brooklyn specializing in good-for-you (and delicious) frozen treats. We were even more excited to find that PSFK friend and contributor Joel Horowitz was one of the creators behind the health and taste-conscious company. We took some time to talk to Joel about his popsicles and the inspiration behind them.

First, What is People's Popsicle? What makes you guys unique?

The concept for people's popsicle is simple – we buy fresh, locally-grown fruits and herbs from several New York City Greenmarket’s & transform them into ice-cold popsicles and shave-ice. Our flavors range from the simple, like strawberries & cream to a tad more complex like rhubarb or watermelon, cucumber & hyssop. And because we rely heavily on our local farmers, our menu changes quite often due Greenmarket stock and availability.

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