The headline above sort of speaks for itself, so we could just leave it at that and let you ponder for a while. But, in all seriousness: Uniqlo‘s blogging robot staffer is unique, groundbreaking, absolutely adorable, and frankly a great way to get some positive PR.

The squat yellow-and-black automaton, named Wakamaru after a 12th century warrior, has been holding court at the Uniqlo store in Soho for a few weeks now. On his blog, which has just launched, he describes his experiences in New York doing what he calls an “internship” at Uniqlo, greeting guests, making eye contact, completing menial tasks, and simply being charming. Wakamaru also has a Facebook profile, and links on the blog, not yet live, suggest that he will soon have a MySpace page and a Twitter feed as well.

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