The University of California in San Diego has installed a 1.2 mega-watt solar array contributing to its earth-friendly arsenal of methane-powered fuel cells and utility provided wind-power, making it the greenest university in the United States. Combined power generated by the system you ask? 2.9MW of clean energy per year – enough to power 1500 homes.

Solar power is also being touted by Sharp Electronics at the IFA Electronics Show in Berlin. While they’re one of the largest solar panel manufacturers in the world, they concentrated on showing off a consumer-friendly polycrystalline panel that can generate 200 KWh a day – enough to power a 52-inch Sharp LCD TV for 4.5 hours a day. Sharp is careful to mention that consumers shouldn’t just rely on a single solar panel however – the panels should simply help alleviate strain on the national power grid, not replace it.

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