What’s Your Inspiration?: PSFK Talks to Carlos J. Gómez, W Whisper Booth

What’s Your Inspiration?: PSFK Talks to Carlos J. Gómez, W Whisper Booth
Allison Mooney
  • 11 september 2008

At PSFK, we know the importance of inspiration. Innovations are only as good as the creative forces and imagination behind them. In an ongoing series, we’ll be looking at the spark behind ideas and projects we ourselves found inspiring. We’re keeping it simple, asking that one key question: “What was your inspiration?”

First up:  Carlos J. Gómez de Llarena of Med44 (working with R/GA)

Project: Whisper Booth for W Hotels

“The idea for a booth on the lobby was originally from the president of W Hotels – his concept was a lot more simple though, he wanted a quiet booth were guests could take or make their cell phones with more silence and privacy.

Around that time, Nokia was partnering with W Hotels in marketing initiatives, trying to promote their new Nseries and we were their digital agency.

I have a strong interest in media architecture, which I define as the design of environments and digital media that can shape social relationships as well as our perceptions of spaces.

The inspiration behind that came in part from some nostalgia of old phone booths: what would a 21st century version of a phone booth do? I also got interested in my observations of tourist behavior in New York and Paris, and noticed how DIY entrepreneurs would set up improvised polaroid snapshot booths or digital camera stations with photoshop and printers in Times Square or in the Jardin des Tuileries.

The resulting idea was simple, allow people that walked in the booth to send a photo postcard of themselves via email from any W-Hotel in the US. Of course, we used a Nokia device to take the photo, but we also had to use an additional computer and touchscreen display to power the installation on the booth.”

Whisper Booth

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