A New Future for Coney Island

A New Future for Coney Island
Arts & Culture
Scott Lachut, PSFK Labs
  • 31 october 2008

Coney Island has experienced a decline in recent years, owing to rising costs of real estate, mismanaged development proposals and a general economic downturn.  But despite all of these setbacks, the core aspects of the “world’s playground” remain intact.  Recognizing this, a new initiative spearheaded by the Municipal Art Society of New York is in the early stages of planning, hoping to return the area to its former glory. Aptly named Imagine Coney, the project brings together “world-class architects, engineers, amusement designers and creative producers” to collaborate on a new vision for future of the beleaguered neighborhood.

An initial meeting took place at Brooklyn’s Borough Hall on October 28th, giving city officials, arts organizations and local stake holders an opportunity to enter into the conversation.  Following this discussion, the team will reconvene on November 13th and 14th for an intense two-day design workshop or charrette. In the interim, the panel is sending out an open call to all New Yorkers, asking them to share their stories and ideas for a re-imagined Coney Island. The best and brightest will be incorporated into the group’s final recommendation.  For starters, we suggest they open another Nathan’s Hot Dog Stand because the summer lines are just way too long.

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