We were pretty moved by scifi author Bruce Sterling’s talk at LIFT Asia 2008 about the dynamic relationship between mobile technology and its users, particularly the urban poor. Core77 points out one of the most interesting insights he presents in his talk, where he discusses what he sees happening to the ecology of South Korea once North Korea comes to its inevitable demise and how cellphones and mobile services will play an enormous role in its evolution:

“When you are working on cell phones, when you are working on the web, when you are working on electronic money and payment systems, you need to think: What if my user is a North-Korean? How would I do this differently if I knew my user was from Pyongyang, that his regime had collapsed, that his economy had collapsed, he was completely bewildered, and he had never seen a cell phone or a computer in his life, and I intended to make him a productive and happy fellow citizen in ten years, what kind of technology would I give that person, what kind of trading system, economic system?”

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