Eric Ripert’s Dinner Social

Eric Ripert’s Dinner Social
Christine Huang
  • 22 october 2008

We love Eric Ripert‘s simple and engaging new project: Dinner Social, a way for (aspiring) chefs, foodies, and anyone else who appreciates a good meal to share a unique Ripert-style dining experience on their own. Ripert provides the menu, which includes two canapés and three courses (first, main and dessert), all chosen with the season’s freshest ingredients in mind. The Michelin star chef will even suggest wine pairings for each stage of the meal and a “step-by-step plan that will allow you to enjoy the party rather than working at the stove for the whole time.” Dinner Social hosts around the world are then encouraged to document their evenings, through photos, stories, and recaps, and share their experiences with Ripert and other dinner hosts on Preparation instructions for November’s “Market Table” meal will be posted on the website on Oct 27, with future meals announced monthly thereafter.

The idea is simple, social, and entirely doable. On his site, Ripert emphasizes the importance of the sharing and exchanging of experiences after the meals: “This way we can all see how the same menu can lead to such unique experiences.” Dinner Social

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