We’ve received details on the next (and what will be our first!) Nerd Nite in NYC, a monthly event that brings together nerds of all persuasions to listen, learn, and share ideas. (Over drinks, of course.) Nerd Nite, which originated in a Boston bar in 2003, has grown far beyond its beginnings as a small get-together for self-proclaimed nerds interested in presenting their passions to their likeminded peers. November 15’s Nerd Nite, which will be held at DUMBO’s expansive new art space, Galapagos, will feature talks from three obsessives  coming from three disparate areas of expertise (evolutionary genetics, role-playing games, and typography). Visit their Facebook page for a detailed description of the night’s presentations/presenters. (I’m sure you won’t want to miss the one in which pics of “green flourescent worm semen” have been promised.)

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