Remote Impact is a fighting video game that utilizes a screen to project your opponent.  To fight you must attack the screen (don't worry, it's padded) and respond with dodges.  If this is too similar to classic boxing, one can simply turn the fight into an all out slug-fest, which may work best, as the video below would make it seem.  It's like Wii-Fit with ‘roid-rage.  Makezine explains:

A life-sized silhouette of the remote participant is projected on the interface, which resembles a mattress standing against a wall. A unique sensing system measures the location and intensity of each impact. Players can punch, kick, or throw their entire bodies against their projected opponent, and the system recognizes when there has been a hit or a miss. Players can dodge hits by ducking or moving out of the way, just as in real sports. More points are scored by hitting your opponent harder. At the end of a specific time interval, the player with the most points wins. Players can also talk to and hear each other through a voice connection between the locations.

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