This year’s Ars Electronica Festival showcased some great interactive artwork, games and applications. One of our favorites was Wolves and Sheep, a multiplayer location based game involving GPS enabled handsets and tangible interfaces. The game uses the familiar set-up of a hungry pack of wolves chasing after a sheep herd. The sheep are  placed on a map that can be walked by the pack leader and his pack who are each equipped with a GPS phone provided by Nokia.

The players can use both a virtual map displayed on their phones along with sound feedback through  headphones. The pack of wolves use their sense of smell and sound to figure out where the sheep herd is located. In addition there is a master game board where visitors are able to track the progress of the game’s participants on a real-time map. Players can even directly manipulate the game by placing real objects on the map’s surface which represent certain in-game hazards or power-ups.Wolves and Sheep offers a master game board where all the movements of the players can be followed and understood. This is one of the features that separates Wolves and Sheep from other GPS (and more generally, electronic) games, as it gives outsiders the chance to watch and follow the game. Tiago Martins, one of the two game developers kindly explained us the game’s features and did a demo run with us. Watch it below:

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