Work wear and classic, timeless clothing are becoming increasingly popular. Stuff like L.L. Bean moccasins, Barbour coats, Carhart pants and Filson jackets.  All these items in the classic clothing cannon have never really fallen out of style, they've just steadily and silently been there all along. But now, in these turbulent economic times, more people are defaulting to timeless gear that isn't hyped-up or trendy but that gets the job done.

the New York Times report:

“We’ve been in a time of extreme consumerism, and at a certain point, you want to withdraw from the celebrity, flash and razzle,” said Mr. Persson, whose new issue is organized around a theme of tradition. “Luxury has changed so much that craftsmanship is what we’re moving toward now. People want to be more subtle and comfortable, and these kinds of traditional items of clothing bring a certain sense of assurance and familiarity.”

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