How to Innovate: Interview With Dean Kamen

How to Innovate: Interview With Dean Kamen
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Dan Gould
  • 31 october 2008

The Telegraph has a lengthy and inspiring look at the life of Dean Kamen. It covers in depth the history and ideals of the eccentric inventor. A great read if you want to study the work habits and mindset of a great innovator (Kamen keeps distractions low – he hasn’t even watched a movie since he was a child), or if  you just want an update on awesome future technology. One fantastic project he’s working on is a hybrid electric car that can run on almost any fuel – “jet fuel to cow dung”. Even more amazing – the engine design is over 200 years old.

The Telegraph reports:

Now he and his engineers have built and tested a range of Stirling engines suitable for mass production that can be run on anything from jet fuel to cow dung. The one in the boot of the small blue car is designed to extend its range and constantly recharge its batteries to make a new kind of hybrid vehicle: one fit for the roads of the 21st century. A Stirling-electric hybrid, Kamen tells me, can travel farther and more efficiently than conventional electric cars; it generates enough power to run energy-hungry devices such as heaters and defrosters that are essential for drivers who, unlike those he calls the ‘tofu heads’ of California, must cope with a cold climate; and even using petrol, the engine runs far cleaner than petrol-electric hybrids such as Toyota’s Prius.

Telegraph: “Dean Kamen: part man, part machine”

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