Meet at the Apartment

Meet at the Apartment
Dan Gould
  • 14 october 2008

PSFK recently had the pleasure of previewing Meet at the Apartment. Created by Marc and Sara Schiller of Electric Artists and Wooster Collective, Meet is a new concept in meeting spaces, an intimate place to hold events and business meetings in a fully appointed, beautiful space.

The first thing you notice about Meet is that it doesn’t have the look and feel of a bland, typical hotel meeting room or conference center. The two floor loft was designed by Stefan Boublil, and looks like a stylish boutique hotel or apartment. Meet can be used as one large space, or sectioned off into four different rooms, including a library stocked with over a hundred of the essential art, design and photography books and resources. A full service concierge staff is on hand to take care of anything you may need, and a wide selection of snacks, drinks and food is provided by Taste Catering. Also built in to Meet is full tech setup (including two 65″ HD flat screen TV’s for presentations) and office center with supplies and materials for presentations.

The casual but fully loaded space lends itself to easy creativity and efficient business. Sara says of the inspiration behind Meet:”From creativity springs breakthrough ideas. We’ve torn down the beige walls and big conference room tables and replaced them with settings that are designed to inspire. Whether you have a need to brainstorm with your team, pitch an idea to a potential client, launch a new product or host a high-level corporate board meeting, Meet is optimized for success.” Future Meet spaces are also being planned for London and Dubai. You can learn more and make reservations at NYC’s Meet here.

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