Muji’s Chronotebook: For Better Day Planning

Muji’s Chronotebook: For Better Day Planning
Design & Architecture
Christine Huang
  • 14 october 2008

PSFK friend Jack Cheng points us to this lovely notebook from Muji: the “Chronotebook,” a day planner that offers the same functionality as your cluttered Dayrunner, but through a simpler, smarter design. The Chronotebook features the face of an analog watch in the center of each page, the AM clock on the left hand side and the the PM one on the right. Users can then map out their day visually by filling out time slots around the clock. Jack Cheng explains the beauty of such a simple planner:

[With a typical day planner] you have a day and date printed at the top, timestamped lines for each hour, a section of little boxes for your to-dos and more lines underneath for notes. In theory it’s everything you need to go about your day. In reality, the various functions have whittled the audience for these planners down to people who have 8 to-dos, a full calendar every day, need exactly 6 square inches of space to take notes and who like buying a planner at the beginning of each year.

You get one of these things and you realize that you always write outside the boxes. There’s never enough space and every day needs a different allocation of it. Feature-creep, as it turns out, happens to paper too.

Enter the Chronotebook…  It’s the simplest manifestation of what a day planner is all about: time on paper. The clocks occupy a small amount of space on the page and the rest is completely flexible. You can write in your own dates at the top of each page, and you can treat the rest of the space like a blank page.

… The chronotebook teaches us that multifunction is not the same as multipurpose. That there’s a logical, hypothetical way to do something and a simple, flexible way to do the same.

The notebook, designed by Wong Kok Kiong, was the recipient of the Muji Award International Design competition and is available at all Muji stores.

Jack Cheng: Stuff I Love: Muji Chronotebook

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