Say no to receipts to save paper, trees, the planet. This idea is so simple it could be passed off as stupid or inconsequential. But think about it, if millions of people just said no to that little piece of paper, or if stores made it optional – it could add up to a lot of saved resources.

sustainablog talks about this little idea that could create big results:

If we have the ability to opt out of getting receipts, then why not do so? This seems so simple and helpful for everyone: consumers avoid having to deal with receipts (sustainably or not), businesses avoid the expense of printing out unwanted receipts using supplies they have to pay for, and producers avoid having to supply so much paper (from trees, either directly or indirectly) for this purpose. And for those receipts that are printed, why not make them as short as possible rather than treating them as opportunities to advertise and publicize the company?

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