SharedEgg Maps of Consumer Culture

SharedEgg Maps of Consumer Culture
Christine Huang
  • 31 october 2008

SharedEgg offers some neat data visualization maps that provide a glimpse of the interconnected web of products, brands, and activities that binds us. Based on data collected from constituents of various ‘subcultures’, the maps reflect the different labels people have for themselves and others based on what they like, what they consume and how they spend their free time. SharedEgg explains their process:

What we ended up asking of our participants was just to list some of the products, and activities that they are involved with: what music artists they listen to, what movies they watch, what television shows they watch, what websites they might visit, brands they wear, accessories they wear, what electronics they own, and where they have lived.

After we had this information from the participant, we asked them to categorize those products and activities into preset subcultural categories (Bohemian, Casual, Cyber, Nerd, Emo, Gamer, Gangsta, Hardcore, Hippie, Trendy, Indie, F.O.B., Sporty, Preppy, Punk, Rocker, Reggae, Skater). After gathering the information we needed, we had to come up with a taxonomy that would allow this data to be best visualized within Many Eyes Data Visualization Software.


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