We asked Josh Spear to tell us a little bit about one of Undercurrent‘s latest collaborative projects: Zoomdoggle, Jake Bronstein's new site about all things fun. The site features inspiring bits from the worlds of art, culture, food, shopping, technology – a grab bag of whimsy that is sure to snap you out of the doldrums. More from Josh: Josh – you have this new site? What's it about? Well, it's not really my show, although we (Undercurrent) have an interest in its success.  It's Jake Bronstein's brainchild– and Undercurrent is behind the scenes.  The site is Zoomdoggle, and it's an open experiment to build a brand about fun. Pure, simple and accessible fun. We think fun is one of the most powerful and yet untapped brand values on earth. And it seems to be something most adults have forgotten about entirely. Zoomdoggle is meant to remind people. If you haven't seen some of the things we're doing, you're missing out. Jake Bronstein is the former FHM Founding Editor. What's his motivation for getting into the blog space? My partners and I have always had a great admiration for Jakes creativity when it came to stoking the imagination of readers, whether at FHM or on his own personal blog– he knows how to make people laugh, and keep them coming back everyday for more.  When we met, it seemed like a match because he had little online presence at the time, but a big dream– and we knew the place to bring that to life was the web, and we could take this concept there in a big way. Haven't you already got one uber-cool website (joshspear.com) – how does this fit in with the plans of your company Undercurrent?

Undercurrent is a bit of a jelly donut, which means while we have a robust client service practice doing digital strategy for Fortune 500 companies around the world (the golden crispy exterior), we also have lots of jelly on the inside– which means we're launching our own ventures or collaborating with others to see dreams come true.  This is one of many projects to come– and they range from software to content.  Should be fun…

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