A roadside assistance program for bicyclists makes so much sense. If car drivers have services like AAA to count in in case of breakdowns, shouldn't bikers have the same? Treehugger outlines one way of creating your own local network of cyclists who can call on each other in the event of bike related emergencies.

Treehugger explains:

With that in mind, the idea is rather simple: using email (especially cycling list serves), flyers at your local bike shop, and social networking sites, start to organize people around the common idea of creating a network of people interested in cycling. From there, begin collecting phone numbers and addresses of people that would be willing to help out a stranded rider, and then post that list in a place that can only be seen by members of the group (a Google Group would be ideal for something like this). Ideally, you would also make a Google Map showing where each participant lives, so that riders with a smartphone could quickly and easily identify the person who lives closest to where she happens to be at the time of a mechanical problem.

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