Bruce Sterling has closed the door on the Viridian Design movement. His last Viridian note ends a discussion on green design that he’s been conducting since 1999. In this last email newsletter,the science fiction writer and design professor has written a fantastic essay about living “glocally” and the importance of everyday sustainable, quality lifestyle design. Highly recommended.

Some parting thoughts from Sterling:

Living on the entire planet at once is no longer a major challenge. It’s got its practical drawbacks, but I’m much more perturbed about contemporary indignities such as airport terrorspaces, ATM surchanges and the open banditry of cellphone roaming. This is what’s troublesome. The rest of it, I’m rather at ease about. Unless I’m physically restrained by some bureaucracy, I don’t think I’m going to stop this glocally nomadic life. I live on the Earth. The Earth is a planet. This fact is okay. I am living in truth.

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