Danielle Aubert is a Detroit based artist and designer who has compiled a large body of work designed entirely in Microsoft Excel. Similar to David Bryne’s Powerpoint art, the pieces were created by re-purposing standard software in a new way.  The program then becomes a new medium instead of a tool. Aubert goes into more detail about the process in an interview here.

She explains:

Microsoft Excel is a program designed to track and compute information, but here I am using Excel as a drawing tool. These drawings are a part of a series that I executed on an irregular daily basis for 16 months. Each drawing is in a new ‘worksheet,’ which is automatically set up as a grid. The drawings were made by changing cell preferences for background color, fill pattern, and border styles and from time to time inserting ‘comment’ boxes and letters or words. Other manifestations of these drawings are 58 Days Worth of Drawing Exercises in Microsoft Excel as Rendered for Web and Animated Daily Excel Drawings (2005, ongoing).

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