The exponentially growing world of recording devices has gotten another contender, the Flip Mino HD.  Flip, the folks behind the successful pocket-sized camcorder, have updated their line to include high definition video recorded at 720p (1280 x 720 resolution).  The beauty of the Flip is in its simplicity, software and a USB plug are built into the device keeping everything wonderfully in line with the minimalist design.

The standard for video clips have been taken to the next level by improving the video quality in this $230 device.  Battery lasts for 2 hours and the on board 4 gigs of memory can record about 60 minutes of video.  The back panel is a straightforward choice of recording, playback and delete buttons.  The only solid color available for the Mino HD right now is black, but the store provides a completely customizable design (including your own image).  Flip prides itself on the instant accessibility of video and we welcome the addition of HD to the tiny 3.3 ounce camcorder.

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