Esquire has published a poignant profile of video game revolutionary Jason Roher. The game designer has been helping to quietly change the common held notions of what video games are. Roher’s extraordinarily simple games are often hailed as art, little pixelated games that evoke emotional truths about life, and even drive players to tears.

From Esquire:

In 2007, the tall man, whose name is Jason Rohrer, uploaded a free game to his Web site. It used a mere two megabytes of disk space and a thin horizontal stripe of color on the screen. So simple. In Passage, you’re this little pixelated guy. You live in the stripe of color. The stripe is twelve pixels tall. It’s green. All else is blackness. Your job is to move up and down and left and right through the stripe — the “forest” — in search of treasure chests, sort of like in the Legend of Zelda.

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