A new iPhone app, JobCompass (iTunes Link), takes advantage of location awareness to find a local job. During a quick search around town there were dozens of opportunities that would promise an easy commute. JobCompass is an elegantly designed package for a career searching service and taps into listings from Indeed.com, a huge job directory. The software is cleanly laid out and includes a straightforward help section including a link to an informative tutorial video.

At $3.99, the iPhone app lies amidst a very competitive crowd and the size of the job directory will correlate directly to its success. Currently it only uses Indeed.com, but apparently other databases like HotJobs and Monster are being sought. CareerBuilder, the largest directory, also has an iPhone app that is location aware but it surprisingly returned drastically less results for the same searches in the region. Jobs (iTunes Link), the CareerBuilder app, is formated more like an inbox and doesn't utilize a map function, but it is free, so having both tools in your pocket can't hurt. The real question is whether a mobile job application is the best way to find a meaningful career.

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