A recent survey conducted by Pew Research Center's Internet & American Life Project offers some interesting statistics to keep our techno-lust in check. While every day seems to see the launch of some new gadget, application, or other efficiency-boosting device, Pew reveals that our experience with the latest technology is often far from efficient.  Specifically:

Nearly half (48%) of American adults who use the internet or have a cell phone say they usually need someone else to set up a new device up for them or show them how to use it. 44% of those with home internet access say their connection failed to work properly for them at some time in the previous 12 months. 39% of those with desktop or laptop computers have had their machines not work properly at some time in the previous 12 months. 29% of cell phone users say their device failed to work properly at some time in the previous year.

These figures aren't shocking – every wave of innovation comes with its hiccups, and we've all experienced  our fair share of technology-related frustration. But it's a good reminder of where technology can, and must, improve.

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