A job listing for an 3D designer suggests that the guys behind the Hulger phones are about to launch their next big idea – lightbulbs. Plumen low energy light bulbs are Hugler's reaction to the lack of diversity, imagination and personality offered by the lighting sector today. On their site they discuss their approach to the prototypes they have already developed:

The PLUMEN's name comes from the plume-like forms that drop from the pendent fitting, twisting together as they fold outward. A bird's plumes are not functional and unlike their flying feathers they signify pride, beauty and prowess, qualities in keeping with the purpose of HULGER's proposed bulb designs… Surely the tubular formation of these objects should be used to its' advantage, drawing, sculpting or scrawling in the air with light, turning these afterthoughts into centrepieces and perhaps in the process creating designs that people will buy through genuine desire rather than mere moral obligation.

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