Filip Dujardin is a Belgian photographer who makes fantastic images of imaginary buildings. Sampling images of different parts of existing structures, he creates fictional “architectonic” buildings. Looking like something out of a dream, Dujardin's buildings are strange near-impossible hybrids of industrial and residential architecture. A great shot of inspiration to get you thinking about radical new possibilities.

Mark Magazine reports:

Every montage, says Dujardin, is one project. It begins with an idea for a specific image. Often he starts off by building a model of the form he is trying to achieve – at first in cardboard, but he has recently discovered SketchUp. He then goes on a photo safari, often just around the corner, to find suitable buildings “with a lot of the same things,” so that they can be cut and pasted and serve as building material. In fact most of the fictional structures are buildings in Ghent, just resampled

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