Uniqlo Heat Tech Human Vending Machine

Uniqlo Heat Tech Human Vending Machine
Dave Pinter, PSFK
  • 18 november 2008

PSFK stopped by Times Square earlier today to check out Uniqlo’s Human Vending Machine for their HEATTECH apparel line. The booth was set up on a narrow concrete island. There were tons of people already in line to get to the free stuff. Prior to reaching the booth, there was a ‘scanning station’ manned with a Uniqlo associate with a hand held thermal camera. Each person’s heat image showed up on an adjacent screen and identified their core body temperature.

After that, visitors proceeded to either a male or female dispenser who were giving away the HEATTECH gear. The reasonably priced line claims to offer warmth from a very thin material. Shirts cost just over $10.

Here’s a few more photos from our visit:

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