Urban Screen: Creative Use of Media Facades

Urban Screen: Creative Use of Media Facades
Arts & Culture
Matthias Weber
  • 3 november 2008

Urban Screen are a creative collective based in Bremen, Germany. They create interactive installations and performances using facades and architecture as their stage (or screen if you will). The above video shows their approach towards involving architecture. The group usually builds their artwork for a specific building, so they can customize their projections and staging to the given conditions.

Their first step is to measure the outside of the building along with its windows, billboards or any other add-ons. Then the group builds an exact replica of the facade as their stage, and with the help of a green-screen, they create a video performance to be projected on the facade. Urban Screen aims to blend their unique projection with the given architectural surroundings- the result is a playful Augmented Reality projection.

It is interesting to see these kinds of creative media projects that differ so much from what we usually see around the city (huge LCDs and plasma screens).  what we are used to from our big cities: huge LCDs and Plasma screens. Projects like Urban Screen, Paint My House and Laser Tag give us hope that more creators are thinking outside the box in this area.

Urban Screen


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