We geeked out at NYC’s Wired store opening party last Thursday, a dizzying mesh of gadgets, gawkers and gregarious guests enjoying an all-too open bar. We were curious to see how different the pop-up store would be from last year‘s – but weren’t very surprised that it wasn’t. Again, Wired filled the room with what felt like hundreds of gizmos, many of which were ostensibly supplied by one of the event’s 30-plus sponsors. While some of the sponsored content was interesting, the rest was, by and large, pretty lackluster. Some of the stuff even felt a tad anachronistic – like the CardScan ACM 6 Card Wallet (pictured below), a bulky, black plastic container the size of an Altoids tin that allows you to “organize, select, and protect up to 6 credit, ID and other cards.” While dozens of innovative web and mobile companies are creating new tools that are rejiggering financial systems around the world, making payments and other monetary transactions simple, even virtual – Wired is telling us that we should buy this $40 ‘electronic’ wallet? Hm. (It seems Wired even recognized the incongruity of the device – it was tucked away in the far back corner of the store.)

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