A Wishing Well in Covent Garden

A Wishing Well in Covent Garden
Ruby Pseudo
  • 9 december 2008

As part of Covent Garden’s Christmas Delight, The Wishing Well, a distinctive 7.2 metre-high audio-visual art installation will go live on Covent Garden Piazza on Friday 12th December – 5th January. The Wishing Well is a triangular tower upon which wishes will be projected across the inner walls in real time – creating an audio-visual spectacle.

The Wishing Well is created by British voice-to-text company SpinVox and produced by design communications agency Freestate. It allows visitors to speak their wishes into their mobile phone and automatically converts them to text. Visitors are encouraged to be creative in their choice of wishes and use this opportunity to speak freely. A range of wishes are expected – from the personal and the political to the barmy and bizarre.

During its 26 day life cycle, the Wishing Well’s coloured tiles slowly fill up with the myriad voices of Covent Garden visitors. This pulsing rhythm of hope and colourful pattern of positivity will change organically, creating a mesmerising account of real peoples’ stories.

The Wishing Well will be open to the public from 10am until 11pm daily.


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