Clamp Fitbit Sends Your Fitness Data to the Web

Clamp Fitbit Sends Your Fitness Data to the Web
Allison Mooney
  • 9 december 2008

People are becoming much more interested in self-monitoring and gathering personal informatics. You can see this as exhibitionist (“what’s left to share? raw data!”) or as purely selfish (“I hope to make better decisions and learn more about myself”).

Clamp Fitbit ($99) is a new device that keeps tabs on your fitness, even when you’re asleep. It has a motion sensor that records your steps and distance covered, as well as calories burned, even how well you slept based on your tosses and turns. This data is wirelessly transmitted to FitBit’s site when you get near its base station (hooked up to a computer), then you can chart your data graphically.

It seems that these little guys can do a lot for your run–at least psychologically. According to DVICE:

I also noticed that wearing a step counter made me more eager to walk more, just to somehow impress the thing. This Fitbit lets you impress others, too, where its website lets you make your fitness measurements public to other Fitbit users.

What’s even more interesting is that people are still making one-off devices like this. Once all phones have accelerometers and built-in GPS, the shelf-lives of these niche products will be short.  We’ve already seen MapMyTracks, iMapMyRun, Nike + iPod, the Samsung Adidas F110 and their “micoach”, not to mention dozens that are coming out for the iPhone.


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