Godin: Sell To Companies That Get What You Do

Godin: Sell To Companies That Get What You Do
Piers Fawkes, PSFK
  • 15 december 2008

PSFK found great inspiration from Seth Godin‘s latest thought piece that he published on his blog. In “Selling Ideas To A Big Company”, Godin tells us that you’re never going to sell ideas to a company that doesn’t want to or know how to buy them. For success, you must sell to companies that are in the business or buying ideas and they have to trust you. He says:

If you want to be in the business of selling ideas to industry (as opposed to getting that once-in-a-lifetime idea off your chest and cashing out), the thing to do is find an industry, one where you are likely to be trusted, one where you have a sense that they understand how to buy ideas. Invest in that industry, spend time, speak at trade shows, earn your right to credibility. Then, over time, day by day, you’ll have the ability to bring them profitable ideas.

Very inspirational to us as we try to sell our consultancy services in 2009.

Seth’s Blog: Selling ideas to a big company

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