ITP Winter Show: Part 1

ITP Winter Show: Part 1
Arts & Culture
Allison Mooney
  • 19 december 2008

Face of the Nation
The U.S. Presidents’ faces morph into one another in this supremely creepy looped video. It’s amazing how paradigms have slowly shifted over the centuries–our leaders are thinner and happier now–and what this says about culture and society.

Heartbeats Left
Dimitris Makis is shown here measuring the number of heartbeats remaining in his lifetime, as calculated based on actuarial tables. This can be seen as a rather bleek take on “personal infomatics,” or a statement about the temporal nature of the human condition. Just as long as he doesn’t stare at it for the rest of his life…

This sequencer/drum machine allows users to create and compose rhythmic electroacoustic music by manipulating motors, solenoids, and other physical objects and amplifying their sounds in real time. Just wait till Kanye gets a hold of this…

Stay tuned for Part 2 coming later today….

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