The Jen Bekman gallery is currently hosting the Thrilla in Manila, “a no holds barred draw-a-thon” between artists Jane Mount and Jason Polan to benefit 826NYC, a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting youth writing.  The live art experience began December 3rd and will run until 6pm December 6th.  In the spirit of community and collaboration, the press release invites the audience to “come into the gallery, join in the drawing, learn how to draw, be drawn yourself, or just root for your favorite artist,” opening up the creative process in a way that can't be captured by simply looking at a static image on a wall.   In addition to an actual visit to the space, those interested can check into the event blog for updates on the action.  Although there's not a lot of content at the moment, we expect to see more become available as the artist continue to work and the public gets involved.  The show culminates at the gallery with a reception and sale on Monday, December 8th where art can be purchase directly off the wall.  In addition, collectors who sign up with on Bekman's 20×200 site will be able to buy a limited edition print featuring a blind selection of 222 original drawings from the event.  Overall, an interesting model that elevates the traditional gallery visit while at the same time making art by the people and for the people.

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