Parents might need to rethink telling their children to spend less time on their handheld video game consoles: Nintendo has just announced their new partnership with book publisher HarperCollins to develop a package that transforms the DS into a portable e-reader and offers a collection of 100 classic books.  Available titles with the Dec. 26 UK release include works by Shakespeare, Jane Austen and Mark Twain – not necessarily the lightest reading to connect with the youth audience.

We're inspired by anything that encourages people to read, but we'll be curious to see if the DS can translate this extra level of functionality into success. The biggest question being, will the relatively small screen size (62mm x 46mm) make reading text too much of a chore? (Meanwhile, we're also reminded of the classic image of a kid cleverly disguising a magazine within the confines of a book as they pretend to study…)

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